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Flow of Goods and Information

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A retail business will generally have multiple entities which interact in a cohesive manner with each other. These entities include retail stores, distributors, vendors, factories, warehouses and the head office, and these collectively form a supply chain network. Between the various entities of the supply chain network, there can be flow of information, material or both.

Shoper 9 provides a flexible framework for managing this information as well as material flow between the various entities. Business rules can be defined centrally at the head office and this information can flow to all the applicable entities of the chain, providing a high degree of visibility and control over the operations.

At the highest level, business entities in Shoper 9 can be categorised on the basis of geographical attributes like country, zone, state and city. At lower levels, it is possible to categorise the entities based on the business requirements. Apart from this, you can specify unique attributes of each of these entities like statutory information, mailing information, business operations permitted, etc. as a part of the definition.

Data communication protocols, data sharing between these entities and interfaces permitted can also be configured for each business entity defined.

Business rules related to stock items, price groups, sales promotions, statutory information, price revisions, etc. can be centrally defined at the head office and transferred to the other business entities in a seamless and transparent manner. Optionally, all printing templates, label templates for barcodes, formats for purchase orders, etc. can also be defined centrally and selectively transferred to applicable entities.

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