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Under the hood of the deceptively simple user experience of Tally.ERP 9 lies over 20 years of deep technology muscle. This section gets into this aspect in full detail.

Geared towards the more technical audience, our development partners, Independent Software Vendors, business 'component' builders and in-house IT shops at customer locations, the information here will also enable you to appreciate potential technical business opportunities with Tally.ERP 9.

Tally.ERP 9 is, foremost, a platform first. Tally.ERP 9, as a user sees it, is a product developed on the platform. The entire functional richness and user experience that you see has been built on this platform.

This unique architecture delivers unprecedented capabilities required for any enterprise engagement:

  • Extendability & Customisability
  • Interface-ability & Integrate-ability
  • Supportability
  • Deployability & Manageability
  • People Availability
  • Ecosystem Support
  • 3rd Party Add-ons

Access to this platform is via our own Domain Specific Language - Tally Definition Language, the complete TDL source code for Tally.ERP 9 product, a development platform (Tally.Developer 9), complete documentation, training programs and a dedicated

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