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Synchronization Implementation

Glowips has a dedicated synchronization Team to provide you the best possible connectivity and solution to your businesses across borders. We have many modules in Synchronization capabilities. A conference with our Team can provide you the best possible suite as per our suggestions.

We have provided Sync Services to many clients across globe.

Multiple sync paths in Tally.ERP 9 enable business information flow between branches, regional headquarters and to Head Office in just one click.

Say for example:

  • A branch at Goa needs to send information to its RO at Mumbai and also to the HO in Bangalore. Now this is just a click away!
  • A branch at Goa needs to send inventory information to a manufacturing plant at Pune come under Mumbai RO. Now in just a click the Stores Manager in Goa can share this vital information on stock position to both his RO head sitting at Mumbai and his counterpart Stores Manager at Pune plant. Again just a click away!
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The Main concept of tally synchronization is to be understood as a system that can be integrated with another irrespective of the distance, we just need a good internet connection. Tally synchronization is a part of the tally solution in which we can integrate accounting of multiple branches in a centralized location, we are the leading tally synchronization providers across New Delhi - NCR and also extending our services Pan India and Internationally. The simple way of how to tally synchronization works is that suppose there is a company which had a base in New Delhi and has branch offices in Chennai, Meerut, Lucknow, and Jammu; to integrate the locations we will create a head office server in New Delhi and through tally synchronization solution we will implement the other locations remotely. All locations must have a valid Tally ERP-9 Licence with a valid subscription to be able to synchronize. Once we implement we can integrate the accounts of all other 4 locations in our New Delhi Location with the single click of a button. This will enable us to work on the accounts centrally of all the branches all together. Using the Tally Synchronisation feature, it is beneficial as it saves us from the hassles of managing accounts of different branches and managing all at a single location through implementation. This facility was not present in the previous release of the Tally software but was launched in the Tally ERP-9 release only, starting from the 1.6 release. Tally also intends to club the accounts and bring it to a single location, thus saving time and efforts of the organization and also due to extensive security features in the tally synchronization, it is extremely safe and there is no entry loss in the accounting entry transfers from different locations to the centralized location. We have also provided tally synchronization solutions in cross country accounting systems. Thus making tally ERP-9 a very versatile accounting software.

It is also very useful in terms of integration and when we know that there is no entry loss, it becomes very comforting to use the tally synchronization feature. Through tally synchronization we can work out on accounting solutions from a single location and manage multiple offices in a single go, this also avoids over staffing of accounting personnel and thus saves costs of an enterprise. Now the software will work for us and only a dedicated team is required at the single central location for managing the complete accounts of the enterprise. Thus we can understand that Tally Synchronization can save a lot of time and costs of the company and make the accounting easy for the company. Tally Synchronisation is a very important aspect of the Tally Solution.

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