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As practiced in retailing, franchising offers franchisees the advantage of starting up quickly based on a proven trademark, and the tooling and infrastructure as opposed to developing them.

The franchisor must meet a list of requirements for registration, among which are:

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  • the standard franchise agreement, working Manual and working capital requirements,
  • track-record of operations, and ample ability to supply materials, and
  • long-term operational guidance.( provided by us )
  • the franchise agreement must have a minimum 1 year term

Among other provisions is:

  • The franchisor will be liable for certain actions of its suppliers
  • Monetary and other penalties apply for infractions of the regulations.

The Disclosure has to take place 20 days in advance. It has to contain:

  • Details of the franchisor’s experience in the franchised business with scope of business
  • identification of the franchisor’s principal officers
  • litigation of the franchisor during the past five years
  • full details about all franchise fees
  • the amount of a franchisee’s initial investment
  • a list of the goods or services the franchisor can supply, and the terms of supply
  • the training franchisees will receive
  • information about the trademarks,including registration, usage, and litigation
  • demonstration of the franchisor’s capabilities to provide training and guidance
  • statistics about existing units, including number, locations, and operational results, and the percentage of franchises that have been terminated; and
  • an audited financial report and tax information (for an unspecified period of time)

Other elements of this legislation are:

  • The franchisee’s confidentiality obligations continue indefinitely after termination or expiration of the franchise agreement.
  • If the franchisee has paid a deposit to the franchisor, it must be refunded on termination of the franchise agreement; and, upon termination, the franchisee is prohibited from continuing to use the franchisor’s marks.
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