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Batch Vouchers Report

Simplify Inventory Management With Item-Batch Tracking

Managing various inventory items in a multi-stock warehouse can be quite cumbersome. Needless to say the increase in complexity in industries such as pharmaceuticals that has batch inventory. If a situation arises where an item belonging to a particular batch needs to be identified due to issues such as quality, it could prove time-consuming to trace all the transactions which involved that particular item especially if it involves doing it physically.

Item Batch tracking in Tally.ERP 9 puts an end to all the effort and inaccuracies. It provides you visibility of movement of a particular item that is related to a selected batch. The transactions could be stock inward or outward, and include all details.

Now, there's no longer the difficulty of sorting through hundreds or even thousands of transactions to identify transactions pertaining to just one item of a batch-with Item Batch tracking in Tally.ERP 9 it's never been easier.

Item-Batch tracking can be configured to deliver:

Stock Flow: The flow of stock ranging from opening stock, goods inwards and outwards-to the closing stock, can be analyzed in terms of its quantity. It gives you an insight to the batch-wise movement of each stock item.

Profitability and Consumption: Item-Batch wise report shows the profitability and consumption details for each stock item. This statement is used to reconcile the closing balance.

Sorting Method: This will help you view the report in alphabetical descending or ascending order.

Navigation: This helps you navigate from one report to other stock item and batches.

Show Profit: This helps you view the batch-wise stock item profitability.