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Stock Query from Invoice

Absolute clarity while raising invoices

You are in the process of raising an invoice with the customer in front of you when you are suddenly struck with a doubt. The all new Stock Query option in Tally.ERP 9 generates information pertaining to Stock items with a single click. Since it happens on-the-fly, you can check your facts while you still have the invoice open, and complete the transaction for the customer. Decision-making has been taken to a new level!

Quick decisions mean happy customers

The information you can access covers purchase cost, selling price and even last discounts offered against a particular item, giving you a complete picture and enabling you to make an appropriate decision when you raise the invoice. It also helps you to choose from available substitutes or items of similar nature, so you don't have to send the customer away empty-handed. The flexibility to view the contact details of your vendor or customer is an added advantage. Moreover, information about the latest purchases and sales can be viewed in an instant, and the warehouse where such stock is available can also be easily located.

In addition, the Stock Query also provides statutory information, Reorders details and Price List specified for the selected Stock item.

The enhanced Stock Query report comprises of the following information:

  • Last Purchased details along with recent Purchase transactions
  • Last Sales Details along with recent Sales transactions
  • Closing Quantity, Balance and Value
  • Applicable Standard Selling price & Costing Method
  • Warehouse/Location or Batch details
  • Stock items of similar group / category

Easy toggle to other stock items from the same screen