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Devices Supported

You require computers and various peripheral devices to optimize the performance of your stores. As a retail solution, Shoper 9 supports many popular models of these devices which include input and output devices as well as dedicated POS machines that you use for operations.

To enhance your billing experience, Shoper 9 supports customer display units (Pole displays) at billing terminals which display dynamic details of the items scanned, bill totals, etc. You can use Electronic Cash Drawers which require minimal space as an add-on device to the billing terminal. Other devices that you can use are the Magnetic Card Readers to capture customer details from magnetic cards, Barcode Scanners that scan and enable speedy data capture without errors, etc.

You can enter data via wireless/remote mode by employing Portable Data Terminal (PDT) devices which are compatible with Shoper 9. The data import from PDT devices is used in all your stock transactions and stock taking processes.

Shoper 9 also supports the use of Receipt/Slip Printers with small form factor, for you to print at higher speeds. Additionally, Shoper 9 supports thermal transfer printers too for printing your bills. Shoper 9 also enables you to use barcode printers, standard Dot Matrix/Inkjet/Laser jet printers to print barcodes.

In a situation where retail office space is costly, you can use these integrated on board devices that are supported by the Shoper 9 application. Shoper 9 can be customised, based on your request and feasibility, to work and support new models/ devices if you propose to utilise them.