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Sales Promotions

Complex Sales Promotions, Easily Managed

In Shoper 9, Sales Promotion definition allows you to structure promos or offers based on factors like conditional purchasing of specified set of items, volume, specific group of items, etc. If you were ever limited by simple offers, here's your opportunity to stimulate your sales by attaching freebies to a promo.

The 'AND' clause now available in Shoper 9 lets you build exciting promos even with multiple, non-related items...all definable and controllable from within Shoper 9.

Use Creative promos, boost business

Using the Sales Promotions feature effectively, retail stores can increase the footfalls and sales. It can also be used to increase the stock turn-outs and clear out non-moving stock.

Schemes can be defined to offer free items or discounts based on a pre-defined conditions being met in the bill. E.g. buy a trouser and a shirt, get a tie or belt free.

Simply define the promotion under Catalogues and then it's easy Billing via manual or automatic scheme selection.