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At Glowips , we have a dedicated team of CA's and Tax managers . Our Legal representatives will justify your business requirements and provide you the best solutions . We insist our Clients to fairly follow the government regulations and suggest the best possible means related to Tax Liability , ROC Matters , Legal advisory and Fund Flow management.

We believe in Ethical and Honest dealings with our State term policies and Tax matter s , All suggestions will be at par with the government consideration and fair practice . We discourage any means to avert the corporate tax evasions and any illegitimate trade or practice .

Taxation and regulatory compliance is a serious business for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and expert advice could reduce the risks of costly audits. Business Advisory Services consist of a set of services that Chartered Accountants (CAs) can provide to their clients to help them comply with Government requirements and ensure they have the IT systems to facilitate it.

CAs can deliver various services around Tally - ranging from continuous audit to system configuration & implementation - to meet the needs of SMEs keen to know their company and their resources:

  • Continuous audit in the form of Compliance Services for TDS/eTDS, FBT, Service Tax, VAT
  • 'Remote' Services for improved delivery of Compliance Services
  • IT Assisted Audit services for Tally
  • Business process structuring / accounts configuration / inventory management / MIS
  • Application design consultancy - for customisation offered through third parties (Tally Integrators)
  • Application Assurance Services - for upkeep of Business Applications for SMEs using
  • Inheritance of assets by NRI from residents in India and non-residents.
  • Tax Treaties
  • Establishment of Branch Office by Foreign Company
  • Establishment of Liasion Office by a Foreign company
  • Office in India and outside India.
  • Taxation of NRIs carrying on business in India and outside India.
  • Advance Ruling
  • Issuance of securities in India
  • Investment advisory services in India in shares, securities, mutual funds and properties.
  • Opening and operating banking accounts and any specific schemes for Non Resident Indians.
  • Application to Foreign Investment Promotion Borad( FIBP)
  • Application to Secretariat of Industrial Assistance (SIA)
  • Prepration of Loan Appliaction Form for Working Capital from Banks and financial institutions.
  • Prperation of Term Loan Appliaction for funding from Banks and financial institution.
  • Foreign Investment in India, by setting up of joint Venture, Branch office, Liaison office etc.