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There are several scenarios in which Data Synchronisation can be effective to increase your business efficiency. We will discuss two cases where Data Synchronisation is highly recommended for your business:

Scenario - 1: Within Your Business
You have branch sales office(s) located in different geographies or in the same city, and a head office centrally managing the stocks, processing orders and shipping materials to customers. Sales orders booked at the braches can be updated to head office on a continuous basis and head office in turn will update branches on sales invoices generated, material dispatched etc so the branch can initiate payment collection from the customers and report collection status. There could be operational information at the branch and head office which is transactional and does not have to be shared. Data Synchronisation helps you share information within your business for smooth and effective running.

Scenario - 2: Business to Business (B2B)
Second case is when you have an extended enterprise with Principal companies you procure material from and distribution network through which your goods are taken to market. Sales & stock information can be sent respectively to different principals. With Tally.ERP 9 Data Synchronisation your ability to stay connected and share the accurate business information with various stake holders is simplified to help you increase business efficiency.

Data Synchronisation help a business:

  • Save time as data is just a click away when compared to transfer of business information to HO through CDs or other medium
  • Improve business-wide intelligence
  • Enhance operational view across the business for better decision-making (eg., identifying non-moving items across Branches and do a clearance sale)
  • Leverage collaborative planning & forecasting (eg., material planning based on stock available
    at Branches / Distribution Networks)
  • Reduce manual intervention
  • Refine business processes
  • Implement and sync easily