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'Attribute' & 'Size-wise' Sales and Stock Report in Shoper 9 POS

The importance of the 'Sales' and 'Stock' status with respect to different product attributes and the grouping according to Sizes (XL, L, M, & S, for example) cannot be underplayed. This information is critical to arriving at a sales pattern and, ultimately business success.

Attribute and Size-wise Sales and Stock Report in Shoper 9 POS helps you re-order intelligently to avoid broken size sets. It also maximizes profits by optimizing shelf utilisation.

In today's dynamic market environment, it is essential for a retailer to know:
  • The pattern of sales under the available classification
  • The sales pertaining to 'Pivotal' sizes and 'Non Pivotal' sizes
  • The availability of stock under various classifications
Get your Facts Right, Ensure Profits!

'Attribute' & 'Size-wise' Sales and Stock report provides information on the quantity present for each available size and the sum of net quantities of items sold in a size-wise grid format for a selected period. This report can be printed for items of all or selected classifications and sub-classifications, for example, Product, Brand, Style, Size and many such captured attributes. Now generate reports based on your attributes.