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Custom Installer

Shoper 9 POS uses a standard Windows Installer, which ensures that you can install the product in a simple and quick manner. The installer itself takes care of the dependencies/ pre-requisites for installation. The default functions of the installer include setting up a Shoper 9 Server, Shoper 9 Client or Shoper 9 Stand-Alone as required by your business.

On the other hand, if your business has specific requirements for customised components/templates, then it is possible to create a customised installer for deploying the components with the standard product features.

Custom installers are used in one or all of the mentioned situations:

  • A business having multiple retail stores like yours would like to implement the same configuration in all stores. It is possible to configure base templates to be used for installing uniform configurations in all stores which are administered and deployed from a central location.
  • Shoper 9 is a general purpose retail solution, but is flexible to accommodate the needs of your businesses, if configured appropriately. The product behaviour is controlled by the parameters that are configured during installation or later.
  • In a situation where your business requires functionalities that are not present readily in Shoper 9, customised add-on modules can be developed and deployed. You can deploy add-on modules as part of the installation or later.

Shoper 9 POS Custom Installer presents a simple framework to configure and manage the deployment of these customisations.