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Shoper 9 LiveUpdate

The Shoper 9 LiveUpdate is a program which downloads and updates your Shoper 9 application and provides you with continuous product support. This utility updates programme enhancements and patches to Shoper 9, used by your business. The periodic changes effected through the LiveUpdate ensure that your application stays current and all known bugs are removed from it.

The new LiveUpdate program consists of two parts. One is the ShoperPatchDownloader and the other is the ShoperPatchUpdater. The Downloader program enables you to download the current enhancements and patches and the PatchUpdater updates the application. Since the functions of downloading and patching are independent, the Downloader can be installed on your machine with or without Shoper 9 while the Patcher has to be installed and run only on machines where Shoper 9 is installed.

You can download the patches either by HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) or FTP (File transfer protocol) modes. The new update program has a provision to send any dependent components or files as part of the patch and helps customers like you to get the patches for any corrupted file.

You can use the ShoperPatchUpdater program either in the Shoper 9 Server or in the POS machines (nodes) to update the patches. The patch program on your Server updates the database and adds the new .exe files. On the nodes, only the .exes are updated.