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Rental License... For business On-the-Fly! Save Thousands On Latest Retail Software

In an exciting development for Retailers, Shoper 9 is now available on Rental Licence. Simply put, you can now pay per quarter or even per month of use and get to activate and use the licence from day one. Also, any time during or at the end of the rental period, the Licence can be extended or moved to Permanent Licence mode.

At 10% of the MRP per quarter, this presents a powerful business argument for those short-term sales or out-of-town operations. Just get a Shoper 9 Rental Licence and benefit from all the functionality the Perpetual Licence product offers!

Quick and cost-effective

Burdened by a Capital Expenses environment? Get the freedom to operate in an Operating Expenses mode... GET SHOPER 9 Rental.

Some scenarios where Shoper 9 Rental might prove effective:

  • An off-site festival/promotional sale
  • Exhibitions, fairs, trade shows etc. that you need to participate in
  • In-store temporary sales requiring additional counters

Clubbed with an extremely simple process to acquire, renew or move to a regular perpetual license, Shoper 9 - Rental offers everyone a great experience and terrific Value.

Unmatched Prices for the Rental Software

The price of Shoper 9 Rental is 10% per quarter (3 months) of the regular (perpetual) license price of the corresponding edition, and 1/3rd per month. Also you can move from Silver to Gold and from Gold to Silver during the rental period as well (using a simple formula).

For Shoper 9 Diamond (India) the product price is Rs. 270,000. Therefore:
The per quarter rental charge is Rs. 27,000/-
The per month rental charge is Rs. 9,000/-

For Shoper 9 Gold (India) the product price is Rs. 40,500. Therefore:
The per quarter rental charge is Rs. 4,050/-
The per month rental charge is Rs. 1,350/-

For Shoper 9 Silver (India) the product price is Rs. 13,500. Therefore:
Quarterly - Rs. 1,350
Monthly - Rs. 450

All prices are inclusive of applicable taxes.