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Store Templates

Shoper 9 provides you with a flexible and easy way to manage both the software configuration as well as the output design of you sales bills. You can easily configure both by means of a special configuration file called the Store Template.

Shoper 9 comes with templates containing details of system configuration and its functions. These are called parameter templates. The other types of templates which define the output of the sales documents are the bill printing templates. Both template types provide you an excellent framework for customising the product.

By default, Shoper 9 is sold with relevant parameter and bill printing templates. These templates can be deployed in your business without any modification. Shoper 9 has two types of parameter templates, one catering to the needs of your retail store operations and the other for your distribution centre. Both flavours come with standard bill printing templates.

If your retail business requires customised reports for your stores, then you can define additional templates and use them in your retail network, ensuring uniformity.

We have a customised installation process where custom templates are used to make the implementation at your stores a simple and hassle free exercise.

For details on how to configure and create a customised store template, please contact your nearest Tally Partner.