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Management Reports

New, Comprehensive Data Synchronisation with display status, reasons of failure and more

When you want to assess the performance of your retail business and plan for its future, you would normally require information to support your decisions. Shoper 9 as a retail solution provides you with extensive reporting capabilities. Shoper 9 can also provide you with customised reports based on your requirement.

In Shoper 9 you can generate reports in the areas of sales, stock, stock registers, cash, MIS, aging, outstandings, purchase, customer, stores, comparison, consolidation, etc. as relevant in each of its flavour. You can control the users' access to these reports. You can also generate various reports on different attributes, for analysis.

You can save the report configuration and recall it whenever required and also apply the settings to similar reports that are available to all users. The consolidation reports in Shoper 9 HO provide you with macro information on the various stores that are under HO control. Since Shoper 9 HO maintains the central database of all stores, it has the capability to generate all the Shoper 9 POS reports for you. The other report that will be of interest to you as a retail chain, is the information on data synchronisation status.

Users have the flexibility to define the scope of report generation and export them to various formats (spreadsheet, HTML, CSV, RTF) for further analysis, if required.

Since Shoper 9 has the facility to interface with Tally.ERP 9, you can take advantage of Tally's reporting features by transferring data periodically into Tally.ERP 9.

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